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    Isaiah 61:1-4

  • About Us

    Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC exists to empower people to live free (from abuse) through the mandates of Isaiah 61:1-4.


    By reaching out a helping hand, we aim to educate, advocate and eradicate domestic violence.

    Bridging the gap between the secular and the sacred. 

    At Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC we provide a Biblical perspective on violence by addressing religious issues frequently raised in matters of abuse. Additionally, we provide resources and spiritual support to victims and their families. For clergy and lay leaders, we offer training through various educational venues such as workshops, seminars and conferences.


    We also partner with local domestic violence agencies to ensure effective ministry to victims and their families; thus, bridging the gap between the sacred and the secular.

  • Leadership

    Rev. Marguerite Lee....................President/Founder

    Yvette Crockett.................................Treasurer

    Danielle Erwin.............................................Secretary

    Pamela Pate-Franklin....................................Board Member

    Charlene Miller.......................................Board Member

    Minister Clara Stinson...........................Board Member

    Paulette Heath Newby...................Board Member

    Ekemini Abasi.........................Board Member

    Tony Porter......................................................Advisor

    Keith Smith.....................................................Advisor

  • Why We Exist

    1 in 4

    females will be the victims of domestic violence in their lifetimes.


    of victims are female.


    of men who are murdered each year are killed by their female partners in self-defense.


    of the incidents of domestic violence go unreported.


    women are beaten to death each year.


    of American women are safer on the streets than in their own home.

    Every 15 seconds

    a woman is abused by an intimate partner.

    1.5 million

    high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.


    of college students say they have been sexually coerced.



    is when violent behavior typically begins


    of teens in abusive relationships ever report being abused.


    of parents cannot correctly identify signs of abuse.

  • What We Do

    Pamper Me Day

    Each year, Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC host a "Pamper Me Day" for residents of Charlotte Mecklenburg Battered Women's Shelter.


    The women enjoy free manicures, facial and makeup application tutorials as well as massages, haircuts and glamor shots. The children enjoy age appropriate games and activities before rejoining their mothers for dinner and dessert.


    By providing a safe environment for both the women and their children to be pampered and loved, we aim to show the love of Christ and remind these women of their worth.


    If you are interested in supporting our next Pamper Me Day, please contact us at beaut4ashesmin@aol.com




    Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC offers a variety of workshops, presentations, keynotes and trainings for the faith community and beyond. All trainings are geared towards the audience.


    Topics for discussion are:

    • Domestic Violence Awareness
    • Domestic Violence and the Church
    • Teen Dating Relationships
    • Child Abuse Awareness




    Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC. has a curriculum specifically designed to help churches launch their own domestic violence ministry.


    For more information on this curriculum and how to set up a training for your church (clergy or lay leaders), please contact us directly.

    Ongoing Events

    We are continually collecting items for donation to local battered women's shelters and other domestic violence and sexual assault agencies.


    Our Change for Change initiative allows us to turn loose change into cash. All monies go directly to the needs of the ministry and to supporting women and children in need.



    Our ongoing clothing drive allows us to benefit the local battered women's shelter as well as local hospitals.

  • Resources




    • North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence - visit online at www.nccadv.org
    • Police 911 (emergencies)
    • Mecklenburg County Community Support Services Women's Commission - call at 704-336-3210
    • Domestic Violence Shelter- call at 704-332-2513
    • NOVA (New Options for Violent Actions)- call at 704-336-4344
    • IMPACT (Batterer Intervention) call at 980-721-7268)
  • The Purple Corner

    April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and this morning I was awakened to the thought of a children’s book entitled, There’s A Nightmare in My Closet. I vaguely remember reading this story to my kindergarteners some years back. While I do not recall all of it, I do remember that it was about a child who was frightened by what he thought was a monster hiding in his closet. As I lie awake pondering these two things, nightmare and child abuse I began to see similarities in the two.


    For a child who has been abused the abuse is the monster hiding in his closet of his mind. It’s a traumatic experience to live with the thought of that monster hiding out and waiting to attack you. Whereas the monster in the storybook was not real the monster of abuse is very real. It hides in the recesses of a child’s mind waiting for the opportune time to come out and frighten the child, again.


    It does not help to simply tell the child that the monster is not real because in his mind it is real. So it is with a child who has been abused. The abuse is real even when he doesn’t have the words to express what is going on in his head or to tell what has been done to his body. The abuse is real even though he’s too afraid to tell anyone. It’s real even when he does tell and no one takes him serious. Just like the monster in the storybook, the nightmare lingers, remains hidden in the recesses of the child’s mind until one day he gets up the nerve to tell someone about it. And this is the crucial part of the child’s story because it is at this point that he discovers whether it is safe to disclose, to bring the monster out and expose it or to stick it back in the closet and continue to live with the pain and fear.


    Sometimes the child finds it easier to just tuck the monster back in the closet and try to forget that it’s there. The problem with this response is that it does not solve the issue. The pain is only suppressed. The anger of what has been done only directs itself to someone or something else. All the shame, hurt, frustration, confusion and pain gets tangled up inside until the next occasion presents itself and the cycle continues. Sometimes this cycle of remembering while trying to forget continues into adolescence and even into adulthood, if it is not dealt with early on in the life of the child.


    During this month I beseech parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, pastors and anyone else who works with children to take the time to observe and listen to children, girls and boys. Open your eyes to what you see children doing and your ears to what they are really saying, even when they are still and silent. Take time to get to the bottom of the misbehavior, the angry outbursts, the regression of wetting the bed, the defiance towards authority figures and the fear that is at the root of all of this.


    All children have a right to be safe. As adults it is our responsibility to ensure this right for all children. If you suspect a child is being abused you are required by law to report it. As parents, check your child’s closet to determine if there’s a nightmare hiding there and if it is, be responsible – do the right thing. Look closely because the nightmare may have a familiar face, it usually does.


    ©April 10, 2015, Revmlee

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