We provide nationwide advocacy, education, and support to victims, survivors, the faith community, organizations, and businesses invested in expanding their knowledge of the dynamics of intimate partner violence.



    To eradicate domestic violence and create a world where all women are safe and respected.


    In 2003, Rev. Marguerite Lee wanted to provide help and resources for women affected by domestic violence. Being a survivor herself, Rev. Lee wanted to use her experiences and her platform and influence as a clergy member to help the women, their families, and the faith community expand their knowledge of intimate partner violence dynamics. Beauty for Ashes Ministry started as a domestic violence program at her local church. Led by a passion for hurting people and the unction of the Holy Spirit, Beauty for Ashes Ministry became incorporated by the state in 2006. By 2007, Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Inc. attained its non-profit status.


  • MEET the BOARD

    A team commited to eradicating domestic violence

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    Rev. Marguerite Lee


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    Tonya Frye


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    Danielle Nicholson


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    Pamela Pate-Franklin

    Board Member

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    Min. Debora Blakney

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    Pastor Ekemini Ibanga

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    Joan Dunn

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    Tiffany Byrd


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    Keith Smith


  • Why We Exist

    1 in 4

    females will be the victims of domestic violence in their lifetimes.


    of victims are female.


    of men who are murdered each year are killed by their female partners in self-defense.


    of the incidents of domestic violence go unreported.


    women are beaten to death each year.


    of American women are safer on the streets than in their own home.

    Every 15 seconds

    a woman is abused by an intimate partner.

    1.5 million

    high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.


    of college students say they have been sexually coerced.



    is when violent behavior typically begins


    of teens in abusive relationships ever report being abused.


    of parents cannot correctly identify signs of abuse.




    Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC offers a variety of workshops, presentations, keynotes and trainings for the faith community and beyond. All trainings are geared towards the audience.


    Topics for discussion are:

    Domestic Violence Awareness

    Domestic Violence and the Church

    Teen Dating Relationships

    Child Abuse Awareness

    How/Why the Church Can Help End Domestic Violence

    What Is a Healthy Relationship?





    Beauty For Ashes Ministry, INC. has a curriculum specifically designed to help churches launch their own domestic violence ministry.


    For more information on this curriculum and how to set up a training for your church (clergy or lay leaders), please contact us directly.

  • Ongoing Events 


    We are continually collecting items for donation to local battered women and other domestic violence and sexual assault agencies.


    Also we have:

    SOS: Sisters Offering Support

    Make the Connection Talk Show

    Meet Me At the Well


    Annual Events

    Once a year we provide special events for women which are safe spaces fill with inspiration, encouragement, hope, and support.


    These Annual Events are:

    Pamper Me Day

    COVER Me

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  • National

  • Local

    • North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence - visit online at www.nccadv.org
    • Police 911 (emergencies)
    • Mecklenburg County CCS Prevention and Intervention Services- call at 704-336-3210
    • Safe Alliance Hope Line - call at
    • Baitul Hemayah, Inc - call at 704-249-3790
  • Help Someone

    Every amount given helps someone

    move from domestic violence.

    Learn More...

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    you can help, clicking below.

  • The Purple Corner


    May 2024

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    The Month of April
    April is the fourth month of the year in which we honor Child Abuse Awareness Month. Throughout the year, communities are encouraged to increase awareness about child and family well-being and work together to implement effective strategies that support families and prevent child abuse and neglect. This month Beauty for Ashes shares this poem, A Cry for Help by Barbara Green.


    A child so small so vulnerable and weak,
    helpless, powerless not allowed to speak.
    Lying awake in bed knowing he'll soon appear
    Frightened and trapped living a torturous nightmare.
    Body is shaking trembling within preparing for
    the terrible acts of sin.
    Left all alone
    with no one in sight.
    The abused child cries silently
    all through the night.

    How does one heal from such a horrible crime?
    The scars, the damage lasts a lifetime.
    Emotionally I struggle to make it through.
    Not knowing why I feel and act the way I do.
    The tragedy is over but the turmoil is still there
    I wonder, if my outbursts, is a way to see if anyone cares.
    God help me
    I cry out
    with so much anguish
    fear and doubt.


    This April, let’s have some compassion for Abused Children.
    Much Love from Beauty for Ashes Ministry.



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